Release v1.02

Earlier today I released v1.02 of Dlayer, in this version I have added supported for shared tools and added one additional option to the Typography sub tool, text weight.

The shared tool support is rudimentary; there is a shared folder within the tool directory that tool classes can extend if required. For now, the typography sub tools are all the same; there is barely any code within each tool folder.

The full changelog for v1.02 is below:

  • Initial support for shared tool classes, for now just extend from a Shared folder [Feature]
  • Fixed a bug with typography sub tool, font family and text weight values not getting set, query had an excess inner join that wouldn’t work if font family was null [Bug]
  • Added text weight to typography sub tool for Form content items [Feature]
  • Added text weight to typography sub tool for Heading content items [Feature]
  • Added text weight to typography sub tool for Jumbotron content items [Feature]
  • Added text weight to typography sub tool for Image content items [Feature]
  • Added additional support for shared tools, simple to now have a shared form, tool, model or ribbon class
  • I’ve updated the colour of the action buttons for all tools; there were too many blue buttons
  • Added a divider to tab p[ages that have multiple forms, for example, add row
  • Added typography sub tool to HTML tool [Feature]
  • Initial help text for Page, Column and Row tool tabs hidden behind a collapse

Release v1.01

So much for releasing later today, I had a spotty connection over the holiday so couldn’t risk the release, the release is now live though.

I am going to work on shared tool models next and then I will add the font weight control to all the other typography sub tools, I don’t want to duplicate anymore code so adding shared models now makes sense.

Release v1.01

I have just packaged release v1.01 of Dlayer; it fixes a couple of silly release bugs, and I have added one more control to the typography sub tool for text content items, the full change log is below;

  • I corrected the ordinal in the v1.00 release date [Bug]
  • The directory separator was incorrect for Linux [Bug]
  • I have added the ability to set the text weight on text content items [Feature]
  • I’ve updated the typography tool model, it now only saves data when necessary
  • Initial work on shared models
  • I’ve added a preview for text weight changes [Feature]
  • README updated to show latest stable/complete release

I will update the demo site later today.

Shared tool models

The tools within Dlayer are modular, 99% of the functional code for each tool sits within a folder in the library, the 1% remaining is the code which goes in the base ribbon handler to load the appropriate ribbon object.

The view logic and tool definition/validation are not modular, over time I plan to update the system to deal with that but for now, it is low down on my list of things to do.

There are up to four classes per tool, the model, the form, the tool class and a ribbon class that binds things together. At the moment there is duplication in the system when multiple content items support a feature, the most obvious example being the font family setting. I’m going to add support for shared tools models; this could be as simple as a base model class which each tool model extends, we will see.

Fun small tasks

I am going to develop a set-up/reset process for Dlayer; this will hopefully make it very simple to reset your development environment after every new release and also make it easy to control what demo sites exist, their users and content. I’m aiming for a functional set-up/reset process; I’m not planning to take on WordPress who have their famous “Five-minute install”.

However, to reward myself for releasing Dlayer I am going to work on a few smaller, fun tasks, to start with additional controls on the Typography sub tools.


Dlayer now has a blog of its own, with the release of v1.00 it now makes sense to move all updates to this site, my other blogs can go back to focusing on my Business and personal musing.

I’m hoping to iterate the app quite quickly, for the v1.00 release I stripped the app back to the minimum I could while still showcasing the core of my idea.

There is a lot to do, over the coming weeks I will develop a set-up, reset process and work on re-integrating the Form builder which I removed a couple of months ago.