Goals for v1.05 and v1.06 of Dlayer

With v1.05 I will finally get around to the set-up and reset scripts, I am however going to keep it very simple initially. I am going to add a setup module with actions to reset the app back to demo state, erase all data and also set-up users.

In addition to the set-up module, I am also going to add a config setting to control whether test credentials are shown, fix the live editing previews for content items and do a little more refactoring. The v1.05 development board is up on GitHub.

With v1.06 I will add the initially responsive controls, you should be able to manage how your web pages flow from device to device. I will also work fixing any remaining issues in the core of the Content Manager in preparation for the return of the Form Builder. The v.1.06 development board will appear sometime before I finish v1.05.