Release v1.05

Later today I will release v1.05 of Dlayer, I have finally added a setup module which eases setting up the database but more importantly will help with database changes going forward.

The setup process is rudimentary, I will improve it over time, I need to add support for creating/managing users and also add the facility to run PATCH files. For now, I am content with the process; it is better than importing a large SQL file and will act as a solid foundation to develop.

The full changelog for v1.05 is below:

  • I have added a live preview when editing text, jumbotron and heading content items. [Feature]
  • Corrected the class names for the heading tool; it will now correctly load in the demo. [Bugfix]
  • Added a setting to application.ini which controls whether or not the test credentials display on the sign-in page. [Feature]
  • Split the database export into three files per table, one for the structure, another for the data and a third to define the foreign keys.
  • I have added a setup module; this allows you to create the tables for the database and imports the required data, there are four options, import demo database, import base database, reset to demo state and reset to clean state. [Feature]