Release v1.06

I have just released v1.06 of Dlayer, in this version, I have added the ability to create responsive layouts and also improved the UI by adding a control bar to the bottom of the screen.

The toolbar has been causing me issues for a while, it is quite often out of view, either pushed down by the ribbon or out of view because I am looking at the lower half of a page. The control bar remains fixed to the bottom of the screen, the navigation buttons and any appropriate tool buttons are now always accessible.

The full changelog for v1.06 is below:

  • Removed additional terminators in SQL data files. [Bugfix]
  • Added a settings sub tool to columns, allows the column width and offset to be defined. [Feature]
  • Added a glyph style field to tool tabs table, added to allow glyph icons to be rotated.
  • Moved column type from the columns structure table, now a separate table. [Database]
  • Added a responsive sub tool to columns, you can now set the column width for the ‘xs’, ‘sm’ and ‘lg’ layouts, Dlayer defaults to ‘md’. [Feature]
  • Added a control bar to the bottom of the designer, houses the cancel button and navigation controls for Content Manager. [UX]
  • The tool buttons are now in the new control bar. [UX]
  • Added missing foreign keys. [Database]
  • Removed redundant tables from the database. [Database]
  • Updated the tool ribbon classes, general refactoring.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.