The Form Builder

Dlayer is going to expand; I am now going to start returning the modules I removed before the Open Source release, first on the list is the Form Builder.

The Form Builder was the most substantial module in Dlayer but being the oldest module it needed the most work to bring it up to scratch, I decided it would be easier to tighten up the Content Manager and return the other modules later.

There is no hidden meaning behind the name; the Form Builder lets you quickly and easily build custom forms, these can then be imported as content items into the Content Manager, Template Designer or used within widgets in the Widget Designer.

According to my Pivotal Tracker project, it will take me five releases to restore the Form Builder, each of these releases will be small but I want to build it iteratively, the GitHub project is now live.

I may take the occasional break to work on something else; there are 31 stories in my icebox that I need to complete in addition to the Form Builder.