Release v1.03

I will release v1.03 of Dlayer today, and this version hopefully improves the UX of the app. I have concentrated on minor UI changes and improving the UX, specifically reducing the number of clicks required to move around your design.

The full changelog for v1.03 is below:

  • The page tool is now auto selected in the designer, both on initial entry and whenever you click the cancel button. It is stupid to force you to choose the page when there is only ever one page which always needs to be selected. [UX]
  • Added select parent row to the column tool, now easier to go back. [UX]
  • Added select parent column/page to the row tool, now easier to go back. [UX]
  • Added nesting support for rows and columns. [Feature]
  • The ‘Add row’ and ‘Add content’ tools are aware of state, they will only display when relevant. [UX]
  • I have added the ability to collapse top level rows so you can concentrate on a particular area of the design. [UX]
  • The min-height on a page is only applied when the page is empty.
  • I have updated the sample site for all three demo users.
  • Creating a default site no longer errors, an issue with insert default text weights. [Bugfix]
  • Removed the log links, not currently necessary.
  • Updated the code hinting in all view files, now correctly shows all view helpers.
  • Added select parent row and column to content item tools, now easier to go back. [UX]
  • I have reduced the size of all the buttons in the designer. [UI]
  • I have updated the content for the demo home page and the Content Manager home page.
  • Set the stable version to v1.03
  • Refactoring

Goals for v1.03

With v1.03 I am hoping to improve the UX of the designer, it should be easier to move around your design and reduce the number of clicks you need to make to select elements.

The page will be auto-selected on entry into the designer, and whenever you click the cancel button, there will also be controls to choose the parent element (row|column) and to select sibling content items.

In addition to the above, I’m hoping to make a couple of other small changes which will clean up the UI.