Release v1.14

I will release v1.14 of the Dlayer demo either later tonight or tomorrow; it very much depends on how the rest of the day goes.

This release puts in place some of the groundwork for the new composite content items that I’m planning to add very soon. The Blog and Story content items require a rich text editor; I’ve added initial support for Quill and added a toggle ribbon button which will allow a larger editor.

The full changelog for v1.14 is below:

  • The New and Edit forms in the Form Builder expose the layout options visible within the Form Builder. [Feature]
  • The import SQL files don’t define the module or tool ids. [Setup]
  • Added a preset ‘Date of Birth’ element tool to the Form Builder. [Feature]
  • Added alternate rows quick styling tool to the Form Builder. [Feature]
  • Updated the text for the Column, Row and Page tools, more conditional, aware of designer and design state. [UX]
  • Added shortcut buttons to Column, Row and Page tools. [UX]
  • The column contains content query only looks at enabled content. [Bugfix]
  • Added a toggle ribbon button to the right side of the control bar, it expands the ribbon to open up the form. [UX]
  • Control bar padding left and right set to 15px, was 0. [Bugfix]
  • Added a rich text content item to the Content Manager (disabled until I add a renderer for quill). [Disabled Feature]
  • Refactoring.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

v1.15: Website Manager? and then widgets?

Hopefully, everything will go as planned with v1.14, assuming that is the case I will start work on the Website Manager in v1.15.

The Website Manager is where you manage the relationships between the pages of your site, in simple turns, you are generating the sitemap.

As soon as the Website Manager and Media Library are in place I can work on developing the initial widgets; this is when Dlayer starts to show its potential.

Release v1.13

I have just released v1.13 of the Dlayer demo.

v1.13 is a small release; it contains three bug fixes and two new features. I have added a date element tool to the Form Builder and a Heading and Date content item to the Content Manager.

I will update the development board on GitHub shortly with the planned new features for v1.14.

The full changelog for v1.13 is below:

– Switching to a new sub tool clears any unsaved changes displaying in the designer. [Bugfix]
– Select parent row code looks at whether a content item is selected and returns the column that is relevant to the current environment status. [Bugfix]
– Added a Date Element tool to the Form Builder along with the Styling and Delete sub tools. [Feature]
– Added a Heading & Date content item to the Content Manager along with the Styling, Typography and Delete sub tools. [Feature]
– Clear the selected tool for the Form Builder upon logout. [Bugfix]
– Refactoring.

Release v1.12

I have just released v1.12 of the Dlayer demo. I have added a delete sub tool to all content items and added a control bar to the Form Builder and the Content Manager previews.

I had to do some refactoring to keep the Content Manager and default module in line with the Form Builder, while refactoring I found and fixed a couple of bugs.

The full changelog for v1.12 is below:

  • Added a delete sub tool to each of the content items. [Feature]
  • The Content Manager does not display deleted content items; data remains pending feature to restore.
  • The re-order code which runs after you delete an element in the Form Builder was sorting incorrectly. [Bugfix]
  • Added an admin controller to the Content Manager. [Refactoring]
  • Added an admin controller to the default module. [Refactoring]
  • Added the control bar to the Form Builder and Content Manager previews. There is a button to return to the Designer/Manager and in the Form Builder an option to set the width of the preview. [Feature]
  • The Form Builder displays the assigned title and subtitle. [Bugfix]
  • Model cleanup. [Refactoring]
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Release v1.11

I have just released v1.11 of the Dlayer demo; the Form Builder has additional layout tools, and I have also added a group of preset element tools.

The full changelog for v1.11 is below:

– Added layout tools to the Form Builder, forms can now use stacked, inline or horizontal layouts. [Feature]
– I have moved the code for the delete element sub tool into the shared section for Form Builder tools.
– Added the delete sub tool to the Password, Email and Textarea elements. [Feature]
– Added titles tool to the Form Builder, the title and subtitle can now be set. [Feature]
– Added button tool to the Form Builder, allows the labels for the submit and reset buttons to be defined. [Feature]
– Added controls to preview form at full width, three-quarter width, half width and quarter width. [Feature]
– Added four preset element tools to Form Builder, name, email, comment and address. They are standard elements with the values prefilled to assist with creating a new form. [Feature]
– Additional tests added to the test suite. [Tests]
– Minor fixes and improvements.

Release v1.10

I have just released v1.10 of Dlayer; the Form Builder has its first sub tool, I have added live previews for all changes, and you can move and delete elements from your forms.

The full changelog for v1.10 is below:

– Added a styling sub tool to the Text, Textarea, Email and password element tools, row background colour can be set. [Feature]
– Form Builder and Form Builder preview show assigned background colours.
– Added live preview for changes to all element tools.
– Added live preview for element sub tools, row background colour.
– Added ability to re-order form elements. [Feature]
– Added ability to delete elements from a form. [Feature]
– Added additional tests to test suite. [Tests]
– Minor fixes and improvements.