Release v1.11

I have just released v1.11 of the Dlayer demo; the Form Builder has additional layout tools, and I have also added a group of preset element tools.

The full changelog for v1.11 is below:

– Added layout tools to the Form Builder, forms can now use stacked, inline or horizontal layouts. [Feature]
– I have moved the code for the delete element sub tool into the shared section for Form Builder tools.
– Added the delete sub tool to the Password, Email and Textarea elements. [Feature]
– Added titles tool to the Form Builder, the title and subtitle can now be set. [Feature]
– Added button tool to the Form Builder, allows the labels for the submit and reset buttons to be defined. [Feature]
– Added controls to preview form at full width, three-quarter width, half width and quarter width. [Feature]
– Added four preset element tools to Form Builder, name, email, comment and address. They are standard elements with the values prefilled to assist with creating a new form. [Feature]
– Additional tests added to the test suite. [Tests]
– Minor fixes and improvements.