Release v1.13

I have just released v1.13 of the Dlayer demo.

v1.13 is a small release; it contains three bug fixes and two new features. I have added a date element tool to the Form Builder and a Heading and Date content item to the Content Manager.

I will update the development board on GitHub shortly with the planned new features for v1.14.

The full changelog for v1.13 is below:

– Switching to a new sub tool clears any unsaved changes displaying in the designer. [Bugfix]
– Select parent row code looks at whether a content item is selected and returns the column that is relevant to the current environment status. [Bugfix]
– Added a Date Element tool to the Form Builder along with the Styling and Delete sub tools. [Feature]
– Added a Heading & Date content item to the Content Manager along with the Styling, Typography and Delete sub tools. [Feature]
– Clear the selected tool for the Form Builder upon logout. [Bugfix]
– Refactoring.