Goals for v1.17

I am partway through v1.17, and I’ve just added tickets to GitHub detailing the remaining improvement I plan to make.

As per my post on the 3rd March, my plan is still to start work on the Website Manager by v1.20. For the last couple of weeks, I have been concentrating on my Quill Renderer, but I will be getting back to Dlayer within the next day or so.

The list below details the remaining tasks for v1.17;

  • Add a button content item with the relevant sub tools.
  • Add padding and margin sub tools to columns and rows.
  • Add a border sub tool to columns and rows.
  • Bugs and minor improvements.

Release v1.16

I have just released v1.16 of the Dlayer demo; As mentioned in my previous post my priority is adding the features required to create the Dlayer.com home page.

I’ve added a horizontal rule content layout tool as well as additional styling options for the page background and content background. I’m using v0.40 of my Quill HTML Renderer; this means that rich text areas support links, superscript and subscript.

The full changelog for v1.16 is below:

  • Enabled link support in Quill rich text fields.
  • Enabled superscript and subscript support in Quill rich text fields.
  • I have changed the name of the background colour property on the page styling sub tool; it is now called content background colour which is more accurate.
  • I have added the ability to define the background colour for your website (Page background colour, in the future this will be configurable per template). [Feature]
  • I have added a horizontal rule tool, under the content layout drop down. [Feature]
  • I have added a styling sub tool for horizontal rule content items, allows the colour to be defined. [Feature]
  • I have added a delete sub tool for horizontal rule content items. [Feature]
  • I have made improvements to the styling code, less duplication of both data and code. [Refactoring]
  • New tables to manage any styling attributes defined for the page, HTML and content items, additional refactoring required. [Database]
  • Control bar improvements. [UX]
  • General fixes and improvements.

The Website Manager escaped

The Website Manager escaped development and inclusion in v1.15; I got sidetracked working on the Quill HTML renderer and composite content items.

Before I put the Website Manager into a sprint, I want to ensure that the demo is capable of building a website. I’m going to start with a simple website, the Dlayer.com website.

I’m hoping to add the additional content items required to create the home page in v1.16 and the tools necessary to create a version of the Dlayer development blog in v1.17.

I’m going to assume that unlike last time everything will go to plan, either way, I have enough leeway to be able to start development of the Website Manager before v1.20.

Release v1.15

I have just release v1.15 of the Dlayer demo; I had more features planned, but after a refactoring task increased in scale I opted to stop adding new features and save them for the next release.

The full changelog for v1.15 is below:

* Enabled the rich text content item tool. [Feature]
* Added a blog post content item [Feature]
* Added styling, typography and delete sub tools to rich text and blog post content items. [Feature]
* Original text content item renamed to ‘plain text’.
* Added PHP Quill HTML renderer, used by the tools which have rich content areas.
* Tool links inside an empty column dynamic.
* Refactoring.
* Minor fixes and improvements.